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The intention of bringing children everywhere up to speed in the ever-evolving landscape of worldwide education led to the creation of Imagine Inquiry Sys. However, providing students with the latest tools is not enough. Techart Trekkies as a company are not content with simply providing for the present; our view extends far into the future. Our sustainable development growth plans demand the ability to upgrade and update our system to match the needs of our users as they change. We have developed a framework to study these needs, draft policies to resolve issues related to the requirements and implement these policies at an organizational level to benefit our society. Techart reserves the right to use data from the users of Imagine Inquiry Sys for study and research. This data is still considered confidential and will not be shared with any outside party or breached in any way. This information is not used for any purposes besides strategic planning and CSR implementation. First, Techart uses data related to ethnic composition, development gaps, barriers to education, and prospects of education to examine the sociocultural diversity and development disparity of the users. This is then expanded upon by comparing the Education Inputs with the Education Outputs to form policies that can be implemented at an organizational level. Furthermore, the socioeconomic impact of these implementations is studied to upgrade and update Imagine Sys and the tools within it to improve its impact.

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