About Us

Developed by ISO 9001: 2015 QMS certified Techart Trekkies Pvt. Ltd., Imagine Inquiry Sys is an attempt to re-define learning management and academic administration using the latest and most widely accepted technologies of this era to create a safe and secure virtual learning environment in which all the stakeholders can create and share, collaborate, communicate and reflect about their daily learning activities. It helps students find information and carry out learning from their mobile devices from online classes, and assignments to results, and more. Imagine Inquiry Sys is the best LMS you can use for the Ratriya Saichik Sudhar Karyakram. Not only has Techart, been vigilantly updating its software to incorporate all aspects demanded by the government, but has also been consulting with all concerned governmental bodies to construct a system that is tailor-made for Nepali students and teachers. The ISO-certified company has also most recently been implemented on a governmental level by the CEHRD, displaying its ability to provide a nationwide software solution. No other LMS has considered the local socio-cultural aspects of Nepal and combined them with the international Digital Education 7 guidelines to provide Nepalese pupils and instructors a seamless transition from real-world classrooms to virtual classrooms.


Why Us?

Imagine Sys is made to encourage technology-enabled learning by providing the most effective educational tools in an easy and user-friendly way. Imagine Inquiry Sys combines the best practices followed by international educators and the ICT user experience. Our software has been made with close consultation with the Curriculum Development Centre and Centre of Education and Human Resource Development to be most relevant and valid to Nepali students and teachers. We aspire to imagine a better future for Nepali scholars and endeavor to bring it to reality. Our software applies to all schools and administrations worldwide making us a borderless initiative.

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